A Few Good Tips

  • Get Plenty Of Sleep

    There are many ways to keep yourself safe when on the road. First, making sure you get enough sleep and taking frequent breaks throughout the day, especially if you feel sleepy, will help you drive more alertly. If you begin to feel drowsy while driving, it’s ok to pull over and stop for a break or get some coffee.

  • Plan Ahead

    Planning ahead is especially important on a long road trip. It is important to familiarize yourself with the driving laws where you will be traveling. If using a GPS, bring a detailed paper map as a back-up and pay attention to all road signs. Check the weather forecast along your route and adjust your travel plans accordingly.

  • Regular Maintenance

    A little maintenance on your vehicle performed on a regular basis can go a long way when practicing safe driving habits. Inspect your car’s tires, check fluid levels, observe warning signals from your car, and consider enrolling in a roadside assistance program, like one that might be offered by your Insurance provider.


Careful driving is the best way to protect yourself and your passengers when driving on Oklahoma’s many open highways. No matter how much you practice safe driving habits, accidents can still happen. If you have an accident in Oklahoma, make sure everyone is ok and then gather information for your insurance company. If you were injured by someone else’s driving negligence, contact a Lawton Ok car accident lawyer to assist you in getting compensated for your losses. After all, you’ll want to recuperate as soon as possible so you can enjoy driving again.